Chris Ho

Winter Tour Announcement!


It’s official. I’m hitting the road again. I’m also pleased to announce that my good pal Mike Edel will be joining me for a few shows! As always you can check the “Shows” section at the top right. I’ll update it as more info comes my way.

Interview on Shaw TV

The Seen Presents - Chris Ho from Daniel Pender on Vimeo.

Just last week, “The Seen TV” aired an exclusive interview on Shaw TV as a part of their brand new series “The Seen Presents.” This one featured a brand new song of mine that’s actually still in the works (shh, secret). I’m hoping to release it officially sometime in the…


The First Green Couch Session

Although we got the chance to hop on the train across Canada with the Vancouver-based Green Couch Films last year, we hadn’t actually done an official Green Couch Session until this summer. But we finally met up at Olympic Village and helped carry the couch over the little walkway to…


2013 Rifflandia Festival


Yesterday the fine folks over at Rifflandia headquarters were nice enough to feature one of my latest tracks as the song of the day, and it got me all excited for this year’s Rifflandia Festival (there are so many bands I want to see and not enough time!). This is…


REO Fest 2013 Announcement


Long time no talk! Since the first tour I’ve been fortunate enough to perform in the North by Northeast and Tall Tree Music Festivals. I’m also quite excited to announce that I’ll be performing at a relatively new and fantastic little festival this year, which is being presented by Granville…